Vail Child Care Center has my child’s interests at heart. They provide a safe, nurturing environment. The teachers are great at providing engaging activities. What’s more, they are great at providing updates to my child’s progress. I’m very happy with the service they provide, and would recommend Vail Child Care Center to any parent considering daycare for their kids.
~Joe Batcheller

Our daughter is starting her second year in the preschool program at Miller Ranch and we could not be more thrilled with our experience. She LOVES going to school where she has good friends, welcoming teachers, exciting field trips, hands on experiences, and rich learning. Thanks to the curriculum and skilled teachers, as a young four year old my daughter already knows her letters and sounds as well as single digit numbers. There is a monthly learning focus which allows her to discover a variety of topics in depth like space, the ocean, dinosaurs, and fairy tales! She’s gotten to plant a garden, participate in a science fair, and even perform a fairy tale for a parent share out. We could not ask for a better educational, social emotional, and FUN start to our daughter’s educational experience.
~Martha Burgess

Miller Ranch Childcare creates a nurturing and inspirational environment for our children to learn grow and play. We have been a part of this family for 9 years with 2 children attending this school and we would highly recommend it to anyone with infants to pre-school needing childcare. Miller Ranch is also very engrained in our community and supports all that this community has to offer. ~Kristen Pryor

The Vail Child Care Center has provided us the trusted care resource that has allowed us to stay in the Vail Valley. Five minutes spent in any classroom quickly proves how dedicated the teachers are to the care and development of the children, as well as to their own learning and development. This high-quality, affordable child care in Vail is invaluable, allowing us ‘peace of mind’ during our work day. You know you have found great child care, when your child runs to their classroom in the morning, or is disappointed on Saturday morning when he realizes that he won’t be going to school. There are no concerns that our children will be ready for Kindergarten.
~Sean & Jennie Koenig, parents of Finn and Brennan

Words can’t express how grateful we are that you have cared for and loved our kids the way that you did these past 5 years. We are incredibly lucky to have had such wonderful people helping out kids grow and learn. We can’t tell you how much that meant to us. We are so happy that each one of you has come into our lives. We are in awe of what you do with these kids each and every day. We will be forever thankful! ~Blitzstein Family

I have loved our experience with Vail Childcare. The teachers are so caring and loving. My kids actually looked forward to going, and because they feel like they are “playing” everyday, they don’t even realize how much they are learning. My daughter was very well prepared for kindergarten, and I was grateful. Vail Childcare has been wonderful for our family!”
~Kassmel Family

My son Ernst loves Miller Ranch. The teachers are fun, kind and teach him something everyday. I always remind him that they are helping to raise him and what a great job they do! It is nice to pick him up everyday, see his smile and hope he wants to go home with me, sometimes I think he would prefer to stay there.
~Elizabeth Kruger

My daughter was at Miller Ranch from 4 months old to 5 years. Obviously, they became like family to us, and we are still very close with her teachers from Miller Ranch. As for many moms, it was very difficult to leave my baby anywhere, and the trust I had with the ladies at Miller Ranch was a bond that I will cherish forever. They care deeply about the children and cater to your child’s individual needs. They went to great lengths to get our children ready for kindergarten by implementing new programs and furthering their own education. I loved our Miller Ranch years!
~Sarah Carr, mother of Marin, Miller Ranch Alumni

Any parent (first time or not) is nervous to leave their child for the first time. I had comfort in knowing that I selected VCCC and they were now my partner going forward in the madness of parenthood. I have leaned on my child’s teachers to give me advice around eating and sleeping to more complicated matters like separation anxiety. I trust their guidance because of their extensive background, years of experience, and mostly because I know they care about my child as much as I do. What a partnership!
~Amanda Hubble, Vail Child Care Center Parent

Vail Child Care is a safe, fun, loving environment for my children. They are learning physical, intellectual, social, emotional and moral development.
~Deborah Gregory, Vail Child Care Center Parent

My son has attended Miller Ranch for two years in the preschool rooms. In this time he has grown tremendously academically, socially and emotionally. He comes home singing songs about animals and letter sounds and explaining all of the good choices he made during the day. He loves his teachers and feels loved by them. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the center, the staff and our child’s experience.
~Emily Larsen, Miller Ranch Child Care Center Parent

Our experiences with Miller Ranch since 2009 have been wonderful. Our 1st child had his first child care experience at Miller Ranch. The teachers found a special place for him and by the time he graduated he was a leader. He is now in Kindergarten and displaying not only leadership, but great character. Our younger child has also found comfort and independence at Miller Ranch. He enjoys going to school and we are delighted to be able to take him to a place where he is so well cared for!
~Tania Engle, Miller Ranch Child Care Parent

Miller Ranch Child Care is a loving and supporting environment where our children have learned and thrived for the last 5 years. The staff are always trying to work with us as parents to accommodate different children’s personalities, parenting styles, and logistics while providing a stable structure for the children to receive developmentally appropriate instruction and engagement in activities. We appreciate the consistency in staff, programming, proactive communications, and generally compassionate nature of the how the school is run. Miller Ranch Child Care is a positive part of our neighborhood and makes a positive impact on our lives.
~Lisa Talcott, Miller Ranch Child Care