Business Partnerships

Eagle Valley Child Care Association (EVCCA) was created by a group of local business leaders who identified that having access to quality child care was essential for recruiting and retaining professionals to the Vail Valley. In 2000, these leaders aligned and created the non-profit (EVCCA). In 2001, Vail Child Care Center opened in West Vail. In 2006, EVCCA joined forces with Eagle County and opened the Miller Ranch Child Care Center. EVCCA’s vision to offer quality childcare services in multiple locations in the Valley was complete.

Several local businesses continue to maintain their partnership with Eagle Valley Child Care Association in order to increase access to quality child care for their employees. Active business partnerships include priority waitlist access with EVCCA early childhood centers. In addition to benefitting their employees, business partnerships benefit the entire community in a variety of ways, from helping EVCCA provide competitive benefits to its teachers to funding high-quality curriculum and low teacher to child ratios in our classrooms.

Our current Business Partners include:

  • Town of Vail
  • Vail Health
  • Town of Avon
  • Eagle River Water & Sanitation District

If your business is interested in creating a business partnership with Eagle Valley Child Care Association, please contact our Executive Director at